About Postmark and Its Author

This blog started as a mental health vent.

It’s now mutated quite rapidly into one of my strongest coping mechanisms. I write and vent when I’m down or overwhelmed, still. But now, I post book reviews, blather on about reading challenges, recipes, all about my various crafts, and the occasional bit of poetry.

But, if you will allow me to be mildly reflective for a moment.

It’s a visual pun. Get it? I love puns.

I’m young-ish, still. Just on the sunny side of thirty-three as I start this newest adventure into my own health and growth. By no means am I some sort of saintly person with no faults. There are some out there that could no doubt run out of lung capacity extolling my misdeeds at great length.

But I am human. Just your average carbon-based, asthmatic, and creaky-kneed nerdling; I’m a bit of a bed hog at times, love cold, rainy days, and am longwinded to the nth degree.

I’ve got a list of allergies and afflictions that can make my leaving the house, even if only to go to work, an adventure in anaphylactic bingo sometimes. While I did completely drop out of high school, I got my GED back in ’08 and am nearly done with my Associate’s Degree. Unfortunately, the financial situation hasn’t allowed me to finish just yet, but it is a goal of mine I continue to pursue.

I have an awesome wife who is an amazing human being and the best friend I have the honor of marrying. To make things even more interesting betwixt us, I am resoundingly grey-asexual and she is decidedly not. We make it work. Our little household consists of us two and our roommate who is technically my stepmother in all but paperwork. We ourselves have two rescue cats. They are a pair of beautiful, bratty Bombays of varying size, mass, and literal volume.

I crochet avidly, craft a multitude of other ways when the brain gremlins allow. I write voraciously and read just as much as I can’t sleep. Which, sadly, is a near-nightly occasion.

I’m still finding my way, even at thirty-three.