Just another manic monday…You’re welcome for now having that song in your head. :)

12,223 Days Alive

7,194 Books to Read

3 Pieces of Chicken Crusted Pizza Consumed

2 Cups of Tea Drank

1 Piece of Chocolate Eaten

I’m in the midst of an actual creative upswing, so this is just a hi, I’m alive. I’m not doing great again mentally, because I’m hella sad and feeling like I’m going through touch deprivation again even though I’ve been sleeping under my weighted blanket and asking for hugs.

I’m off to do some more writing and work on some more book reviews that are weeks behind. Whoops.

Night all. Take your meds.

So-Called Sunday

12,301 Days Alive

My weekend isn’t over yet. I have tomorrow off. I’m… I don’t know if I will sleep tonight.

I will try.

I saw a raccoon this evening. Maybe he means that my problem solving skills or adaptability will come to use this week.

I’ll stay up a bit and crochet some more.