Of Trolls and Trees

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When I was home for the holiday this past week, the Papas said that they needed my new address for a Christmas card. I thought nothing of it as they do send out holiday cards And then I received an amazing InstaPot /air fryer this afternoon from them! It’s HUGE and I love it. We’re going to make something in it this week. I can’t wait!

And then! The Christmas Bunny got me a new Christmas tree!

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Of Agony and Acceptance

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14 Hours Awake

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I am in fucking agony. All of me hurts and I don’t know why. The weather? My meds need adjustment? The higher power remind me that I can be nerfed from orbit or just betrayed by my own body?

Whatever it is, it’s sucks and I’m curling up with the heating pad and sobbing.

I’ll hydrate once I’m sure I can keep it down.

Take your meds, folks.