Tortillas, Television, and Tired

12,216 Days Alive

7,044 Books to Read

16 Freshly Made Tortilla Chips

I’m… not doing okay. But I’m here.

Still crocheting. I’ve read two books so far today. And managed a culinary undertaking in making keto friendly tortilla chips.

So I’m going to go crochet a bit more before bed.

Take your meds folks.

Still Here on a Monday

12,302 Days Alive

6,602 Books to Read

16 Days Till My Psych Appointment

9 Days Since I Last Slept Through the Night

3 Bars of Royalty Soap Bars That I Want (But can’t justify literally $30 for three bars of soap when I am this broke)

1 Living Room Vacuumed

1/2 Basket of Clothing Put Away

I am mentally and emotionally burned out. I keep going because I have goals set and I literally don’t know what else to do. But I feel like I’m on autopilot.

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