Weird, Wonderful Wednesday

12,353 Days Alive

7,364 Books to Read

16 Hours Awake and Counting

5 Sunflowers

1 Strange Accomplishment

Did y’all know I’m a recovered vegetarian? While I was homeless, or in a state of weird mental spiral, I exerted what control I could over my life, mainly, by not eating meat. And after the thing with the chickens, I couldn’t eat bone in without nausea and disgust.

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12,234 Days Alive

4th Day Feeling Awful

Still feeling like mildly microwaved death. Apparently it’s just a cold.

But between lack of sleep from coughing and bad reactions to cold meds, I literally want to curl up and stop existing.

And now I’m crying over soap.

Empty Cup

12,218 Days Alive

105 Days Since Daddy’s Death

1 Psych Appointment

I went to the psychologist today; got a new prescription for Abilify that couldn’t be filled until tomorrow.

I feel like…an avocado someone scooped out to make guacamole with. Wrung out. Exhausted.

I reached out to a few people today. Most with success. But now I need to try to sleep because I am bone deep levels of tired.

Take your meds, folks.

Insomnia Interlude 10

12,209 Days Alive

It’s my own fault I’m awake. I should not have napped for three hours this afternoon. But I literally lost functional Brian power because I was so tired.

I’ve taken my meds. I’ve eaten dinner, twice if you count the frozen meal.

I need to pick up more low-spoon meals. Like some damn veggie crumbles and make a mess of taco meat with them. And just have frozen taco meat to add to eggs or a salad or into a low carb quesadilla.

That’s a good plan. A mix of meat and not-meat pre-made taco meat. Maybe I can make myself a meal plan?

Something to make sure I actually eat. It is far too easy to feel like I don’t deserve it.

Thank goodness for friends like my Darling Wife, J, Eli, and Tink. They can tempt me with food when I don’t feel like existing.