Join the Analog Book Challenge for 2020! #TheABC2020

Join the Analog Book Challenge for 2020!

What it is:

Read twelve non-digital books in a year. No set or particular ones, just twelve wonderful books.

Where it is:

Anywhere you like to read, within the bounds of propriety and legality. (No reading while driving, please!)

When it is:

Whenever you have time to read! Hopefully, about a book each month.

Why it is:

Because why not?! Reading is a wonderful thing.

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Labor Day 2019

12,483 Days Alive

2,114 Words Written

2 Episodes of Carnival Row Watched

Today was a nice day off. I spent the day with Reffie, writing, chatting, and catching the first two episodes of Amazon’s Carnival Row. A pretty well-accomplished day off, if one that left me dragging a bit by the end of it. Though, they could more be a reflection of last night’s late night than anything else.

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