List three books that have had an impact on you. Why?

Three books that had an impact on me growing up were:

1. Grimm’s Fairy Tales: inspired my love of folklore

2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: my first book I was taught to read

3. Clan of the Cave Bear: a book that could make reality a little less stressful when reading it.

Prompt Answer: Jobs

What jobs have you had?

So many.

Like, in the twenty four years I’ve been working or volunteering, I’ve had more than a dozen jobs.

Some of my favorites were server, craft teacher, candy striper, theater tech, and a summer camp counselor.

Prompt Answer: Good At

What are you good at?

There are several things I am good at, in my humble opinion.

I am good at being empathetic. Good at crocheting and being anxious. Good at being kind to others, not as good at self-aimed kindness.

I am good at typing on a typewriter, at hand writing thank you notes, and a hundred other little lost arts that have nearly no place in the digitized world of today.

I’m good at panic cleaning and depression napping, at rhyming a spell by the third draft, and reading far too fast.

I am good at being a friend.

Prompt Answer: Cold Weather

How do you feel about cold weather?

Cold weather is my ideal weather. Despite my decade plus spent in the south going to college and after, winter is my favorite season.

Cold weather is wonderful. Layers of warm clothes, holidays that gather family members together, and just the glory that is snowfall. I love it.

There is just something about the silence of snow that is wonderful to me. Mind you, I despise driving in it, because I never learned to drive in snow and my car, before it got wrecked, had just gotten snow tires.

I can appreciate other seasons, but cold weather times are my favorite.

Prompt Answer: Broken Bones

Have you ever broken a bone?

The honest answer is “I don’t know”. I might have broken some knuckles back in my hot-tempered teenage years, as I was an angry, scrappy thing.

But as for major bones? I don’t think so. I’ve pulled a few muscles, sprained some ankles, but I don’t think I’ve broken any major bones.