Review: Year One

By: Nora Roberts

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

Blurb: It began, much as it did for us, with a sickness that spread quick and deadly. But rather than COVID-19, the Doom, as it is known, killed millions and awakened the magical bloodlines in some of the survivors. Now, the world is an apocalyptic hellscape with the best and worst of humanity on open display. Magic runs deep in some of the remnants of humanity. And while it is magic that unleashed the Doom, it may be magic that saves the world.

Tags and Trigger Warnings:

Bastardization of Irish Mythology, Blood, Bullying, Death, Drug Use (Prescription), Gore, Gun Violence, Horror, Kidnapping, Magic, Magical Realism, Murder, Mythology, Non-Consensual Touching, Off-Screen Sex, On-Screen Sex, Paranormal Romance, People Being Terrible, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Pregnancy, Racism, Romance, Suicide, Supernatural Fiction, Theft, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: Millions, maybe even billions.

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Of Weariness and Weekends

13,249 Days Alive

765 Days Straight on Duolingo

I didn’t get home until after six this evening. Mr. Spock was quite upset at the lateness of his dinner. But if I want to catch up, as well as knock out the forty-five minute training as I did, staying late is a necessity.

I also have to go in by seven-thirty tomorrow morning. So I’m for bed here shortly.

I’m too burnt out to read. I wanted to get another chapter of The Talented Mr. Ripley read this evening, but my brain was having none of it.

And as for crafting? My hands hurt too much to crochet further. I’m gonna do one of the aftercare things Reffie taught me for my hands and take some anti-inflammatory meds.

So I guess that’s it. I’m going to bed and praying the weekend comes quickly.

Take your meds, folks.