Of Oreos and Obliging

13,214 Days Alive

1.5 Helpings of Spaghetti with Crushed Red Pepper Flakes and Turkey Meatballs

1 Massive Headache

I feel like my head is in a vice grip. Just in one or two spots: the base of my head and just beneath my eyes. Sinus headache, and yes I’ve taken something for it. I had honestly just assumed I was hungry as I didn’t eat a proper lunch today. Forgot my meal shake on the counter.

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#WitchyWednesday: Week 13

Happy Wednesday!

These are the last four prompts! I’ve been posting for the last several weeks, on Wednesdays. These posts have been tagged #WitchyWednesday on Twitter. I’m happy to clarify anything and respond to any questions or comments. Feel free to contact me as well! As for the prompts, they’re originally from a Tumblr post by user Baduhennasraven.

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