Review: A Berry Deadly Welcome

By A. R. Winters

Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Kylie Berry moves to Camden Falls, Kentucky to get away from her no-good, dirty, rotten, cheater of an ex-husband. She’s offered a job at her cousin’s cafe and jumps at the chance. Unfortunately for her, she now owns the cafe and a reputation for being a harlot thanks to her ex-husband’s harridan aunt Dorothy. Things don’t get any better when her admittedly terrible cooking apparently kills her new cook! Life in the tiny town of Camden Falls looks to be trying to take Kylie out at the knees before she can even fully stand up.

Trigger Warnings:

Bullying, Death, Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Emotional Abuse, Food, Gun Violence, Infidelity, Murder, Off Screen Infidelity, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Violence

Body Count: 1

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