Review: The Language of Spells

By: Sarah Painter

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Gwen Harper has a (literal) magical knack for finding things. She returns to Pendleford after many years away in the wake of her great aunt Iris’ death having inherited a house from said deceased relative. But not all welcome her back with open arms, and that includes her ex, Cameron. Magic and mystery and a little bit of mischief are all in the cards.

Tags and Trigger Warnings:

Blood, Bullying, Child Abuse, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Elder Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Food, Infidelity, Magic, Magical Realism, Metaphysical Fiction, Murder, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Pregnancy, Romance, Suicide, Supernatural Fiction, Theft, Underage Drinking, Underage Drug Use, Violence, Violent Imagery, Women’s Fiction, Women’s Psychological Fiction

Body Count: 3, but one starts off dead.

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Review: Little Women

By: Louisa May Alcott

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

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Blurb: Little Women is a classic story of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March growing up during the American Civil War in New England. It is loosely based on the author’s childhood growing up with three sisters. The March family has its own fair share of trials of relative poverty and domestic squabbles. With patriarch Robert, the father of the four girls, absent as a chaplain in the Union Army for much of the story, Little Women focuses heavily on the interactions between four loving but flawed sisters as they grow up together, and then apart as life goes on.

Trigger Warnings: Death, Slavery (mentioned), Time Period Accurate Racism, War (mentioned)

Body Count: 1

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Review: First Frost

By: Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost: A Novel by [Allen, Sarah Addison]

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: This is the follow up novel to Sarah Addison Allen’s Garden Spells; set ten years after the first book, it shows the lives of the Waverley family as they await the blooming of their magical apple tree at the first frost of autumn.

Trigger Warnings:

Bullying, Death, Food, Infidelity (mentioned)

Body Count: 0

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Review: Matchmaking For Beginners

By Maddie Dawson

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

Read as part of the Golden Trio Reading Challenge, “Hogwarts Library”.


Blurb: Blix knows she is ill, knows she is dying. She also knows that her great-nephew’s fiance Marnie is the one to fill her shoes while she goes on to the next adventure. Because it’s not just anyone who can see when people are a perfect match for one another. Marnie is special. She just doesn’t know special she is until she meets Blix.

Trigger Warnings:

Ableism, Bullying, Death, Emotional Abuse, Food, Infidelity, Introversion (Severe), Magic, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Toxic Masculinity

Body Count: 2

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Review: Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

By: Patti Larson

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Fiona Fleming starts her day with a clogged toilet and a loveable but gassy pug. And then things get even more complicated when the man who claims he owns her grandmother’s B&B turns up dead in her koi pond! With a full house, a grumpy sheriff telling her to mind her own, and a pair of housekeepers that seem to hate her, Fiona has her hands full.

Trigger Warnings:

Blood, Bullying, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Drug Use (Prescription), Food, Gun Violence, Murder, Sexism, Toxic Masculinity, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: 1

Spoiler: The dog lives!

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