Still Here on a Monday

12,302 Days Alive

6,602 Books to Read

16 Days Till My Psych Appointment

9 Days Since I Last Slept Through the Night

3 Bars of Royalty Soap Bars That I Want (But can’t justify literally $30 for three bars of soap when I am this broke)

1 Living Room Vacuumed

1/2 Basket of Clothing Put Away

I am mentally and emotionally burned out. I keep going because I have goals set and I literally don’t know what else to do. But I feel like I’m on autopilot.

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Adventures, Asthma, and An Almost Auto Accident

Days Alive: 12,183

Cups of Tea Had: 1

Tea Bags Shared with New Coworkers: 3

Asthma Attacks: 1, on the way home

Auto Accidents Avoided: 2

Tacos Consumed: 1

Total Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 13,676

Words Remaining: 36,324

I am so sleep deprived. I’ve been up since two am today. Getting through without caffeine has been interesting.

Oh! And I nearly got into a head on collision when someone decided the light wasn’t red enough and they ran it. I jerked my car into the bike lane/right turn lane and managed not to hit anyone. But, the sudden stop and resulting constriction of the seat belt, as well as the anxiety of it, triggered a mild asthma attack. But I’m home now, had my inhaler on me, and I’m fine. No one was hurt, other than my chest a bit. And no one else hit me during my evasive maneuvers.

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