Thankfully Thursday

12,396 Days Alive

I’m so glad it’s Thursday. Tomorrow is payday, which I’m also thankful for. And I’m thankful I can crawl into bed in about 20 minutes. I’m thankful for Sara who gave me an early birthday gift that included little Strigi the golden owl. I’m grateful my coworkers were bittersweet about my leaving next Friday for my new job.

I’ll miss them, but I’m thankful for the new adventure.

I’m thankful for my wife and Tink. For my friends like J, Bill6, Themis and Jay, Vera, DW, and Leo. For my godfather and my Chosen Family. My clan, such as it were. I’m thankful for my family who have been remarkable in my time of need when Daddy passed.

Take your meds, folks. Even when you don’t want to take them.

Anxiety-Riddled Thursday

12,389 Days Alive

8,029 Ebooks to Read

18 Hours Awake

I’m punchy as hell right now. And I have the hiccups.

A lot of the secondary things I do outside of work are much harder or downright impossible without computer access.

It is very frustrating.

I’m not in a great brain space, so I’m just going to go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.