Day Three: Lost in the Forest

Days alive: 12,144

Hours slept: > 4

Number of Llewelyn Almanacs: 26

Number of ebooks on kindle: 4,182

Number of ebooks on wishlist: 387

My feeling small in the rest of the world.

Still tired today. Still feeling small and maladjusted. Still adjusting to the new meds something fierce. I was told, initially, to take them at night since they might have a soporific effect. And, my delightful brain being as it is, said noperoni and cheese to that idea.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Day One.

Days Alive: 12,142.

Pain Number: 4

Hours Slept: 4

Number of unnecessary notebooks purchased today: 1

Chicken nuggets eaten: 19 (I dropped one.)

Days Since Diagnosis: 0

I’m not doing great today. I’m not cheerful. I’m not well rested or ecstatic to be alive.

I got a diagnosis today that I hate. Not cancer. I guess I can be glad about that. And it’s likely the answer to the issues I’ve been having since I have been old enough to know I’ve had problems. Finally having a name possible name for the jabberwocky on my back is an interesting sensation.

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