Happy Hallows 2018!

Days alive: 12, 178

Costumes worn: 1

Frappucino Enjoyed: 1

Work paperwork done: 16 pages

Goal word count for today: 5,000

Days until NaNoWriMo: 11 hours and counting!

Days until I start my next adventure: 5

People who got my costume: 0

Times I’ve said “Happy Halloween!”: 37 and counting


Happiest of gestation escape anniversary to my dearest friend J! May they have an amazing day/wedding anniversary!

I’m dressed as a certain Hobbit gentleman today, though the lack of proper binder just rather makes me feel like a fat chick trying to look like a dude. But I guess I look cute. I get to wear my orange corduroy trousers at least. And The One Ring. So that’s fun.

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Review: Ararat: A Novel

Ararat: A Novel

Christopher Golden 

Find it here on Amazon




An avalanche uncovers what may be Noah’s Ark atop Mount Ararat and it would absolutely be the story of a lifetime-if it’s true. A score of people are sent up the Mount for answers, but they end up being more a collection of potential casualties than a pack of stalwart explorers. The avalanche revealed far more than the millennia-old timbers they were expecting.

Trigger Warnings:

Suicide, Drug Use (Prescription), Violence, Murder, Bastardization of Mythology, Off Screen Sex, Infidelity

Body Count:

17+, unclear exactly how many characters died

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Dramatic, Traumatic, and Therapeutic

Days alive: 12,176

Days till NaNoWriMo: 2 and counting!

Crochet projects worked on today: 1

Writing projects worked on today: 2

Lunchtime spent with J: 1

Frappa-Whatzit consumed: 1

Positions resigned: 1

I resigned from my job today. Cried in my car once I got to Moe’s, then again at Starbucks.

It was necessary, but so, so very stressful for me.

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Pride, People, and Perpetual Procrastination

Days alive: 12,175

Days till NaNoWriMo: 3 and counting!

Cats ignoring my personal space bubble: 3

Years competing in NaNoWriMo: 11 so far

Chapters left to finish before 1st November: 5

Crochet projects worked on: 1

Books left to read: 4,713

Skeins bought despite the yarn buying moratorium: only 1, I swear!

Oh boy. I slept in, after not sleeping last night until my alarm went off at 530 a.m. And after that I finally got some rest. I didn’t get properly out of bed for anything but morning medications and a bathroom break until 2:30 p.m. But I needed the rest. And I’m still exhausted and ready for bed even now.

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Sweets, Stories, and Spock

Days alive: 12,174

Hours slept: 5.5 hours

Games played today: 4 and counting

Cookies had: 5

Panic attacks had: 2

Days till NaNoWriMo: 4 and counting!

Crochet projects restarted: 1

Days till my Darling Wife’s birthday: 2

It’s Game Day at my friends, hosted by a hubby and wife pair we all know, Jay and Sunflower, along with Bill6, my Darling Wife, and J. An amazing amount of spooky themed food and games. Continue reading “Sweets, Stories, and Spock”

Clingy Headaches, Car Wash, Change, and Cat-Riddled Crochet

Days alive: 12,170

Crochet projects worked on: 1

Car washes gone through: 1

Shadow headache/secondary migraine: 1

Lotto tickets bought: 0 because I forgot, but my Darling Wife bought one.

Days until NaNoWriMo: 8 days and counting!

I woke up at four am again, got up at five thirty to take a shower before my appointment at one pm today. I hate difficult appointments, but this one went better than I thought it may have. Still didn’t get enough sleep. Continue reading “Clingy Headaches, Car Wash, Change, and Cat-Riddled Crochet”

A Little Post-Luncheon Update

Days alive: 12,169

Lean Pockets consumed: 2

Hours slept: less than 6

Naps needed: all of them!

Days until NaNoWriMo: 9 and counting

Mgs of caffeine imbibed thus far: 632. And I’m still tired.

Gallons of water consumed: ½ gallon

Books left to read: 4,298

img_0923I have had enough caffeine that I should likely be able to skip halfway to the moon. But I’m still exhausted. Which is hilarious as I got five plus hours of sleep last night.

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