Pride, People, and Perpetual Procrastination

Days alive: 12,175

Days till NaNoWriMo: 3 and counting!

Cats ignoring my personal space bubble: 3

Years competing in NaNoWriMo: 11 so far

Chapters left to finish before 1st November: 5

Crochet projects worked on: 1

Books left to read: 4,713

Skeins bought despite the yarn buying moratorium: only 1, I swear!

Oh boy. I slept in, after not sleeping last night until my alarm went off at 530 a.m. And after that I finally got some rest. I didn’t get properly out of bed for anything but morning medications and a bathroom break until 2:30 p.m. But I needed the rest. And I’m still exhausted and ready for bed even now.

I’m hoping to hear back regarding a potential opportunity sometime tomorrow. I’m so anxious about it I have been sick to my stomach all weekend.

However, once I finally pulled myself out of bed, I went out for non-spouse based human contact! Spooky Game Day with Sunflower, Jay, J, and Bill6 yesterday was great. But the kickoff party for NaNoWriMo was today. And I actually went!

It was at one of the local diner places, a restaurant that I normally go to, but a new location. Meeting other writers is always fun. And! I got a free sticker!

If you like my Leeloo Dallas Multipass sticker, check out to support an awesome dude!

What time wasn’t spent napping, covered in snuggle-addicted cats, this morning was spent crocheting. It really bugged me that I was missing the brown from the head of the Pride Rainbow Wrap. So, despite the standing yarn buying moratorium, I dropped by my local Michael’s on the way home from the NaNoWriMo Kick Off.

It smelled and looked like Santa’s Workshop had exploded in there. There were U-boats (the box transport dollies) EVERYWHERE stacked far beyond capacity, safety, and common sense. I swear, a box of Elf on the Shelf merchandise squeaked “Save us!” as I walked past.

There was an actual full shelf of Chanukah things out, which made my little Jew-ish heart smile. Especially in light of recent events at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. They have a Go Fund Me set up for the survivors.

The reason for breaking the yarn buying moratorium was thus: inclusivity. The current Pride Flag is near identical to the one debuted in the San Francisco area in 1978.

Image sourced from Wikipedia

The original stripes, as shown above, had meanings assigned to each color. I fully admit I had no idea of this until doing research for the Pride Rainbow Wrap.

A more recent variant had been suggested to add stripes for people of color, trans, and asexual members as well. One such suggested variant by Daniel Quasar of Portland adds black, brown, and the colors of the trans flag.

That may be my next textile wall art. I think it would look awesome done in ribbon flowers or embroidered. Maybe quilted?

Anyway! The variation I’m using this this:

I’ll be adding light pink and white, like the trans flag, as well. Because representation matters.

So far, the project has been an exercise in personal space invasion.

Every time I so much as think to bring the project bag out, a wild Spock appears and demands attention, affection, or to use my bag as a bed.

He is the textbook definition of a clingy Bombay.

And then there were three…Ariadne has gotten into the space-invasion game as well.

So helpful, I swear.

I love them, though. Peanut rumbles like a poorly secured engine when he’s content.

He looks like a grumpy little grandpa with his stupidly adorable overbite, but it’s a lie. He is not grumpy, he is an adorable little cuddle bug.

Ariadne is perched atop my sleeping Darling Wife here. But I love her and her snoring face, and don’t want to get banished to the couch. So no sleeping wife picture.

But now, I have to make sure I have everything before I go to work tomorrow. And get a little more work done on the Pride Rainbow Wrap.

I’m not going to talk much on mental health this post. I’m struggling same as I have been, so I am trying to engage my mind in positive redirections for now.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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