Pride, People, and Perpetual Procrastination

Days alive: 12,175

Days till NaNoWriMo: 3 and counting!

Cats ignoring my personal space bubble: 3

Years competing in NaNoWriMo: 11 so far

Chapters left to finish before 1st November: 5

Crochet projects worked on: 1

Books left to read: 4,713

Skeins bought despite the yarn buying moratorium: only 1, I swear!

Oh boy. I slept in, after not sleeping last night until my alarm went off at 530 a.m. And after that I finally got some rest. I didn’t get properly out of bed for anything but morning medications and a bathroom break until 2:30 p.m. But I needed the rest. And I’m still exhausted and ready for bed even now.

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Crocheting, Crying, Creeps, and Coffee

Days alive: 12,158.2

Weird Starbucks monstrosity had: 1

Mistakes made: many

Creepy ex’s dealt with: 1

Hours slept: about 4.5

I can’t sleep. It’s three in the morning and I’ve been awake for about an hour. And sleeping fitfully before that. Today, yesterday I mean, just wasn’t a great day. It wasn’t dead in the family terrible, but it was pretty difficult.

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New Week, Better Grip

Days alive: 12,148

Current number of ebooks: 4,182

Hours slept: about four

Number of lipsticks I own: 81 (estimated. I actually have no idea because I can’t find them all.)

I haven’t been sleeping. So I’ve done a bit of research. I know a little more about my diagnosis. Still not happy about it, but I can’t seem to quite put into words why I am so upset. It’s frustrating because I try to explain that while I understand that life may be a little easier with treatment now that a specific problem/source has been identified, but I still don’t like the diagnosis at all.

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