Dramatic, Traumatic, and Therapeutic

Days alive: 12,176

Days till NaNoWriMo: 2 and counting!

Crochet projects worked on today: 1

Writing projects worked on today: 2

Lunchtime spent with J: 1

Frappa-Whatzit consumed: 1

Positions resigned: 1

I resigned from my job today. Cried in my car once I got to Moe’s, then again at Starbucks.

It was necessary, but so, so very stressful for me.

I was able to go to Moe’s without breaking down… but once I got there…

Tears falling like leaves on a blustery day.

Got myself some good, cheap lunch: a burrito bowl with chips and a drink for less than $9!

As for the crying: it was something I assumed was going to happen when I resigned. Mostly happy tears? Where I was just recently employed regularly had me vomiting from stress or getting tension induced migraines. Or having crying breakdowns in the restroom.

So, hopefully my next journey will be something a little less fraught with anxiety.

I treated myself today, for having the courage (with oodles of support from my near and dears) to walk out the door.

I got a vanilla bean blended creme Frappuccino with some pumpkin in it. Mmmm. Nursed it for a bit, since Steph was out at work and then had hatch day plans with her mother.

You can get the awesome raven sticker on my binder here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B079K992N7?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

I worked more on the Rainbow Wrap. Got a little work done on Midnight Calls prep work, too! I hope tomorrow is just as productive for me. Maybe even more!

It was my Darling Wife’s hatch day today and I conspired with a mutual friend, Mrs. Cupcake, to surprise Stephanie with some sweet treats as a morning pick-me-up on her hatch day. Thanks again, Mrs. Cupcake!

I’m for bed now. I’m low on spoons and in a lot of pain. Bloody muscle spasms are making life difficult.

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