Echoes of Yesterday

12,477 Days Alive

2 Days of Chest Pains

My chest still burns like it’s on fire and that a vice is squeezing my heart every time I breathe in too hard. It’s not fun.

I’m going to crawl into bed at my earliest opportunity and greet tomorrow feeling much better, I hope.

Take your meds, folks.

Pleasantries, Perspective, Pain Meds, and PBJ

Days Alive: 12,185

Word Count For NaNoWriMo: 15,515

Words Left to Write For NaNoWriMo: 34,485

Laps Around the Campus Building Today: 7

Times I Said “Pleased to meet you!”: 27

Slices of Supreme Pizza Eaten: 2

Episodes of Bake Off Watched: 2

Hot Cocoa Kisses Eaten: 4

The third day of my new adventure was lovely! I got the official tour of the facility. Met so many people… whose names I have nearly all immediately forgotten. Ah well. Miriam tried her best.

I wish I could offer some cheerful tripe about how my awesome night of sleep made for an amazing morning, a cheerful day at work, an easy day, and restful evening. But all I can say is that work was good, and I am in vision darkening levels of pain.

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Dramatic, Traumatic, and Therapeutic

Days alive: 12,176

Days till NaNoWriMo: 2 and counting!

Crochet projects worked on today: 1

Writing projects worked on today: 2

Lunchtime spent with J: 1

Frappa-Whatzit consumed: 1

Positions resigned: 1

I resigned from my job today. Cried in my car once I got to Moe’s, then again at Starbucks.

It was necessary, but so, so very stressful for me.

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A Little Post-Luncheon Update

Days alive: 12,169

Lean Pockets consumed: 2

Hours slept: less than 6

Naps needed: all of them!

Days until NaNoWriMo: 9 and counting

Mgs of caffeine imbibed thus far: 632. And I’m still tired.

Gallons of water consumed: ½ gallon

Books left to read: 4,298

img_0923I have had enough caffeine that I should likely be able to skip halfway to the moon. But I’m still exhausted. Which is hilarious as I got five plus hours of sleep last night.

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Sleep Depo Hell

Days alive: no clue.

Hours awake: lost count.

I still have barely slept. I think my total is less than six hours for this week. My hands won’t stop shaking and I’m so tired my chest aches like I’ve gotten into a bar fight and lost-badly.

I feel like the terrible ice cream cone that’s melting faster than anyone can eat it. Like I’m just dissolving into a pile of useless, colorful goo.

img_0568-1It me.

I’m trying to power through. I’m trying to keep going. But I also called my doctor for help because I absolutely can’t continue like this.

Pray for me, and pray that sleep is no longer an evasive bastard.

Edit: typos fixed. I think?