Gravity Works

12,262 Days Alive

6,177 Books On My Kindle

3 Hours At Walk In Clinic

2 Missed Steps on the Stairs

1 Book Started/Finished This Day

So. Fell down a couple of stairs at work today after trying to brighten someone’s day.

I am in a phenomenal amount of pain.

So, I bequeathed a pair of antique books to a coworker of mine today. And since going up the stairs hurts more than going down them, I took the stairs to go back to the first floor.

Trying to be healthy and all that. Get my steps in. And I ate stairs on the second floor. As I got up, I noticed a little more pain than usual. And then more by the time I got downstairs. And more by the time I got back to my desk, I was hurting.

Right knee, right elbow, left wrist, left knee, left ankle all fucking yelling in a symphony of ow.

So, I went to Miriam for help. Did the whole worker’s comp paperwork, got sent to the walk in.

I started a new cozy read today and finished it after dinner.

I have so many books on my ebook wishlist. So many to replace what I have lost or gotten rid of over the years. I need to find a way to afford them all.

Steph made an amazing dinner tonight. Buffalo Turkey Meatballs stuffed with mozzarella pearls over cabbage. So good. And tomorrow is London Broil made in debris style. Mmmmm!

I’m trying so hard to stay upbeat.

I feel so stupid. Clumsy. Useless. My left wrist is aching to where I can’t crochet. I have to wear a gorram boot on my left foot to keep pressure off the possible fracture. They did over a dozen X-rays of my knees, ankle, and wrist.

I just… I wish I had the budget to stress-buy some books.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, friends. And don’t forget to drink water.

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