Review: Adventures of a Vegan Vamp

By: Cat Lawley -check out her website here.

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Blurb: After a night out drinking with lackluster coworkers, Mallory awakens half a week later and 25 pounds lighter. A trip to the urgent care puts her in the path of the local Society for the Study of Occult and Paranormal Phenomena. Since she is violently sickened by blood, Mallory becomes a vegan vampire: living on virgin Bloody Marys and vegan nutrient shakes.

Trigger Warnings:

Blood, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Drug Use (Prescription), Food, Murder, Non-Consensual Touching, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: 7

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Insomnia Interlude 9

12,256 Days Alive

I wonder how different things would be if I had died.

If, when my playful, and now dead over a year, stepfather tossed me into the deep end and I sunk like the not-swimming rock I was at the time, my mother hadn’t noticed. If she hadn’t dived in, after kicking off shoes, socks, and watch, and pulled me up. She bemoaned for years that I ruined her hearing aid with that “stunt”. As if I had any choice or say in the matter of drowning.

Or, if when I developed pneumonia some time afterward if I hadn’t shaken it.

Or if in one of the car accidents I’ve been in, I wasn’t so fortunate as to be able to walk away.

Or if I had been successful in any of my suicide attempts.

I suppose it would matter as to the when of my death. If I had died in high school, or before? It’s a horrible thought. Like that Christmas movie, I’ve never seen with the angels and bells.

It’s a Wonderful Life. That’s the name of the movie! That’s what it is. I had to Google it. I should watch that.

I know that I have had a least a minor impact on several peoples’ lives. I do. But Gods does it feel like I’m screaming into an echo chamber sometimes.

I’ve survived a lot. I’m sure I’ll be fine in daylight.