Wonderfully Productive Wednesday

12,297 Days Alive

6,587 Books to Read

10 Books Read and Reviewed So Far

5 Chairs and a Dining Room Table Procured

4 Shawls Planned Out

3 Roses Found

2 and a Half Hour Meeting

1 Hat Restarted

I finished another book today! One of the Craving For Cozies books I had planned to read as part of my 2019 Reading Challenge! And had a very, very long meeting at work. And with some outside assistance, we bought our kitchen table!

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Review: Bound, The Witches of Doyle Book 1

By: Kirsten Weiss

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Karin, Jayce, and Lenore are dealing with a lot right now. Jayce has a corpse in her coffee shop. Karin has the hots for a total stranger. And Lenore sees death on the wind. There’s a lot going on that is happening unseen, and magic is thick in the air for this starter to the Witches of Doyle series.

Trigger Warnings:

Animal Death, Blood, Death, Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Drug Use (Prescription), Food, Gun Violence, Murder, Violence, Violent Imagery, Witchcraft

Body Count: 3

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200th Post!

12,296 Days Alive

153 Days since Diagnosis of Bipolar 1

13 Major Life Events

I started this blog on Tuesday, 25th September 2018. It hasn’t been all that long. Well. Maybe it has? 153 days since my diagnosis. That is five months; that is twenty-two weeks as of today. It breaks down to 3670 some-odd hours, 220,350 minutes or so, or about 12,219,700 seconds. Again, give or take.

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Review: Bed, Breakfast, and Bones

Bed, Breakfast, and Bones: A Ravenwood Mystery

By: Carolyn L. Dean

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: The start of the Ravenwood Cove Mystery series kicks off with Amanda inheriting a derelict bed and breakfast only to find a dead man in the back garden.

There’s a fight with the frigid mayor, a cop with a very nice behind, and a chicken that just won’t shut up. I’ll leave it to you to read the rest.

Trigger Warnings:

Blood, Bullying, Drug Use (Non-Consensual, Poison), Food, Gun Violence, Murder, Sexism, Toxic Masculinity, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: 2

***Spoiler***: the cat and the chicken live.

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