Thoroughly Swamped Thursday

12,291 Days Alive

6,563 Books to Read

12 Hour Day

11 Books Read So Far In 2019

2 Reviews Written

2 Bouquets Made

1 Book Finished

1 Coworker Bid Farewell

Holy. Hell. Today was mega long.

My day started at four am when two fighting jerkface cats woke me up. And the. Again at the half hour. And again at quarter to five.

You get the gist.

I wanted to punt something in aggravation by six thirty.

So I got up when my first alarm went off. Did my makeup, found my outfit for the Open House at work today.

It me.

Peeking in the corner there is my new floral arrangement for this springy season!

It features a bunch of flowers picked up from a local store. The big bushy ones are some lovely colored dahlias for dignity. There’s a few sprigs of box leaves for constancy and bright yellow baby’s breath for purity of heart. I loved the contrast of that with those tiny cornflowers (bachelor’s button) which stand for blessings and patience. And I couldn’t stop comping back to the purple thistle. It represents for nobility and perseverance. Then a few sprigs of lilac for growth, the un-blossomed heather for protection and a little more greenery into the mix, capped off with a pair of vivid blue anemone for anticipation for spring!

I do adore it, though I may just need to get a larger vase when we move campuses this August.

Open House was a lot of work and a lot of fun. But man was today long. I got to work at 7:30am and didn’t leave until twelve hours later.

I knocked the last bit of two books for my #200Book Reading Challenge while on lunch! One from the Craving for Cozies and one from Diversify Your Reading. I’ll start another tomorrow, I think.

I’m exhausted. Tink is home now, so I can go to bed. This weekend should be interesting! Dear Sara is getting married, the household is spending Saturday together, and Tink starts her new job!

Maybe somewhere in there I can get some tacos?

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