Almost Done

12,298 Days Alive

6,590 Books to Read

3 Hours Slept

2 More Work Days

1 Hat Finished

I’m exhausted still, thought I likely won’t find rest, I will keep this brief. Only two more days before my weekend! Yay!

I’m looking forward to movie day at Amy’s after work on Saturday. And the possibility of seeing my baby niece Evie on Sunday is lovely!

I finished Ruby’s hat today!

I have plenty of left over yarn so I may just make a second one? Or maybe a sister beanie. Not sure.

My morning commute was a wee bit creepy. Super foggy.

I even tweeted Stephen King to tell him it looked like something he would write!

No creepy dudes at work today, or more roses left on the trunk of my car. So that’s a good thing at least.

My Darling Wife made this weird but delicious kielbasa, kale, and cauliflower soup. It was delicious! And with butter and heavy cream had a great mouth feel. But with me still feeling out of sorts, I only had one bowl.

I wish I had a better relationship with food.

Something is in the air, though. That ear pressing, heavy atmospheric antici(say it!)pation feeling where it’s not so much the other shoe will drop but that first bolt of lightning is going to strike so close you’re not going to blink before the thunder deafens you sort of feeling.

Something comes; maybe it’s anxiety about the upcoming doctor appointment in 20 days.

Maybe it’s the tell-tale agony of an invisible knife twisting amid my innards that usually signals that I’m about to get run over by my menstrual cycle? Maybe I just really want a brownie and a day off?

I dunno. Right now, I just need sleep and to figure out what the hell Im writing for March.

Take your meds, folks.

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