Wonderfully Productive Wednesday

12,297 Days Alive

6,587 Books to Read

10 Books Read and Reviewed So Far

5 Chairs and a Dining Room Table Procured

4 Shawls Planned Out

3 Roses Found

2 and a Half Hour Meeting

1 Hat Restarted

I finished another book today! One of the Craving For Cozies books I had planned to read as part of my 2019 Reading Challenge! And had a very, very long meeting at work. And with some outside assistance, we bought our kitchen table!

A lot done, though I am absolutely exhausted just upon waking this morning. So having a day where I seemed it wise to take all three flights of stairs down rather than the elevator, walked to and from the trash compactor rather than driving over to throw out the trash, and tried to keep going after work has me regretting choices now.

I had to frog and restart Ruby’s hat today.

I love long run color gradients. And Spock loves helping.

I’ve got a killer headache and I don’t know if I’ve actually eaten enough today but I’m basically fighting with myself to actually eat.

I’m… I have just got to keep going. Regardless of headaches and muscle spasms and stupid ass brain gremlins.

Take your meds, folks.

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