Wobbly Wednesday

12,290 Days Alive

6,561 Books to Read

6 Physical/Occupational Therapy Appointments Attended

1 New Purse

So. Physical and occupational therapy is completed. Open House is tomorrow at work. And I’ve been fighting a migraine since Monday afternoon. Ugh.

At least I can bring my bouquet making materials to work tomorrow and knock out a new arrangement before I clock in.

And I get to work late tomorrow to help out with open house, so that will be nice. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some tacos after work if I make it through the day without crying or stress vomiting.

I did get 90% of my art supplies put away. Still trying to figure out how to get my drafting table into a space that may just barely fit it. I need a place to draw, lest I actually go mad.

I did find all of my beading stuff, as well as my cross stitch whilst unpacking.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the Tardis idea, but I am certainly going to pick up some more DMC thread and finish this… after I get the shawl done. I found another as well. One I was doing of a line from Max Errhman’s Desiderata. But that one is only four letters in thus far.

I couldn’t eat dinner tonight. Too… whatever. I had to take a mind mint at work because I was so very stuck in fast forward. And there was the fuckery with lunch. Makes me want to get myself Chipotle for lunch, damn it. Maybe after all the rent is paid. I can’t wait until I have some sort of side hustle that has me a little more on par with the others, income-wise. So I scarfed down two slices of provolone cheese and munched on the last slice of angel cake. Sip of water, take my meds, all is well.

I really want to find a way to make music. Like, music for part of therapy as well as personal enrichment? Ukulele has been suggested, but it really isn’t quite my thing. I wouldn’t mind a lap harp, but… I love fiddling with pianos, always have. And I’ve been dying to relearn violin. Goals are made to be accomplished, yes?

I’m still mentally exhausted. Like, tired to the point of tunnel vision. And I’ve still got the howling innards. You could basically do a Journey to the Center of the Earth type spelunking in my chest, judging from how it feels.

I don’t know what’s up with me.

At least I have something to look forward to this weekend. An I bought myself a purse as a gift for going to all of my workers’ comp appointments.


I’m out of spoons. I’m going to ask my wife to cuddle me.

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