2019 Reading Challenge: Sweet Southern Reading Challenge

So! Here’s another follow up to today’s earlier post:

I’ll be taking part in the Sweet Southern Reading Challenge as part of my #200Books challenge.

It looks like I’ll be doing the “pitcher of sweet tea” level of the challenge being put on by Readeropolis!


This adds another ten books to my “to read” list. So if I knock them all out, that’s 19 of 200 done!

Riff Tracks and Renfield

12,338 Days Alive

5,352 Books on the Kindle

400 Approximate Miles of Driving For Tomorrow

28 Hours Left in 2018

22 Boxes, Bags, and Totes of Yarn in Current Inventory

3 Art Pieces to be Framed

2 Cats Being Jerkfaces

2 Friends Showered worth Belated Yule Gifts

1 Staggered Filet Triangle Shawl Nearly Complete

We did go see Bill6 and J today! Grabbed lunch at Outback, talked NYE plans, and of their most recent adventure.

Their cat, a beautiful bitey bastard of a Russian Grey is named Renfield. I have not taken a picture of him, because he is said bitey bastard.

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So Long and Skip-Bo

12,337 Days Alive

5,351 Books to Read

207 Book Reading Challenges To Pick From

6 Days Till the Next Adventure Starts!

5 Games of SkipBo Played

2 Days Left in 2019

>1 Day Till We See J and Bill6 and Give Them Their Belated Yule Gifts

We’re in the home stretch of 2018 here and I have never been so glad to see the back end of a year.

If I had to boil 2018 down and spit out a phrase, it would be “catastrophic amounts of change”.

2019 will be better.

I have to keep telling myself that.

Today was mostly spend struggling to get the hell out of bed.

I’m still having horrific nightmares and flashbacks every damn night. I’m perpetually exhausted. And I’m also stuck in mega fast forward. My entire body hurts. Every joint is in pain and finding a comfortable position sitting or lying down is near impossible. It makes me wish that my CBD pills weren’t $50 a bottle still. And if the visit to get my medical marijuana card wasn’t five times that it would be an option. But now I make less than $2k a month and have to be careful where I expend money.

The weather was nice, at least.

Fog choked skies and smattering of sunshine as my Darling Wife and I raced away from Downtown Tampa towards Deej’s home. Subway was the meal of choice and I heartily enjoyed the tuna salad bowl I got.

The incessant pain made today’s visit a little less fun. I couldn’t help but be uncomfortable but I tried to have fun anyway. We played SkipBo with Deej and their momma. It was fun. And I even won a round!

I’ve got to turn in for the night. My head is honestly killing me.

Take your meds, friends. And never be afraid to ask for help.

Fun Friday

12,236 Days Alive

5,345 Kindle Books to Read

103 Years to Read Them All at A Book Per Week

28 Rows Crocheted in The Staggered Filet Triangle Shawl

7 Breadsticks Eaten

6.5 Hours Slept

6 Hugs Given

2 Kinds of FroYo Mixed

1 Weighted Blanket Tossed Over My Brother Like Syrup Over a Pancake

1 Thing Forgotten

I got to see Duckie today! Our visits are few and far between and it was an absolutely amazing day.

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