Riff Tracks and Renfield

12,338 Days Alive

5,352 Books on the Kindle

400 Approximate Miles of Driving For Tomorrow

28 Hours Left in 2018

22 Boxes, Bags, and Totes of Yarn in Current Inventory

3 Art Pieces to be Framed

2 Cats Being Jerkfaces

2 Friends Showered worth Belated Yule Gifts

1 Staggered Filet Triangle Shawl Nearly Complete

We did go see Bill6 and J today! Grabbed lunch at Outback, talked NYE plans, and of their most recent adventure.

Their cat, a beautiful bitey bastard of a Russian Grey is named Renfield. I have not taken a picture of him, because he is said bitey bastard.

RiffTracks are a group favorite. And after gifts were showered (thanks again!), we ended up watching The Meg and completely riffing it the entire time. No Spoilers: ********* doesn’t die, so I’m happy. Though J Statham’s delightful “I’m serious business” turtleneck did make an appearance. It was a great bad movie with even worse science. Still, not as bad as Dragon Wars.

Anyway! I’m on the second of three skeins being used on the Staggered Filet Triangle Shawl. No picture today as it’s packed in my travel bag for tomorrow.

I get to ride along with Steph tomorrow! It’s basically so we can just head directly to Orlando for our NYE plans as soon as she is done for the day, but still! I get to spend the day with my wife! 🥰

Ahem. Sorry. I’m excited.

So the kindle is charging, the crocheting is packed, and both are coming with tomorrow.

Well, it’s early to rise tomorrow, so I will catch y’all later. If I can’t sleep, maybe I’ll pop back on.

Take your meds, friends. Ask for help when you need it.

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