Yarn, Yawns, and Yearnings

Days Alive: 12,231

Days Left in 2018: 8

Times I’ve Restarted the Current Shawl: 4

Kitties Alive and Well: 2

Naps Had Today: 2

There’s just over a week left in 2018. Change for the better is coming, I know it.

Today was a very low energy day. I woke up exhausted, took a morning nap, struggled through the day, took another nap when we got back and I’m still fighting to get through till bedtime without falling asleep crocheting.

I’m making a sister triangle shawl to the rectangular one I just finished. I hope to post the patterns on Ravelry at some point. If I do, I will happily link here.

Of course it is made with kitty assistance. Spock loves to snuggle on half-baked projects.

Maybe I should do a tutorial on southpaw crochet stuff? Something to consider for 2019. I know I want to do Language Quirks.

I have so many goals for 2019. How many? Uh… a lot.

Goals for 2019:

  1. Get down to 250 (50 lbs lost)
  2. Get Roth IRA to at least $500
  3. Holiday in June for cruise
  4. Go see at least three plays/movies
  5. Keep the daily updates for the blog
  6. Sell at least six hand made goods
  7. Read at least 200 books
  8. Get the apartment and move in
  9. Do meal prep and eat out less
  10. Get a desk to write at
  11. Finish a story
  12. Post at least two fanfics
  13. Learn how to play piano
  14. Find a new Physical doctor
  15. Find a Mental doctor
  16. Find a Therapist
  17. Get a treadmill
  18. Buy new glasses
  19. Go to and help out at at least three different charity events through work or independently
  20. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  21. Go to a write in
  22. Host a yarny night at my place
  23. Have a housewarming party
  24. Have my car detailed
  25. Get a good pair of work shoes
  26. Get a new tattoo

The answer seems to be one for each week!

It’s a lot, but most of it is stuff I’m already working on. So it isn’t starting new projects, but finishing them!

I get to see Duckie this week! He’s coming in on Friday and we plan to have lunch together.

I really do need more sleep. Or I’m just coping oddly with the month of December.

I’m sad. And I’m fighting against the sad. I’m trying to stay functional. I’m not okay. Not yet. I’m not suicidal. But I’m having a lot of trouble with self care right now.

Example: I’ve wanted to buzz my head again for weeks. I have not yet gotten around to it. Could I tell you why? Nope. No clue.

Example: I’ve wanted to get my nails done since I’ve gotten back from Texas. I even own nail polish. Have I even taken the old polish off? NOPE.

At least I have this week off! I’m going to haunt a coffee shop or some such tomorrow. Get some writing done.

And! Steph and I get to make Christmas Dinner! I am ridiculously excited for it. Not my holiday, but I enjoy the trappings of it.

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve Friends! And belated solstice to my pagan pals. And Joyous Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas to everyone else!

The photo today is of baby Theo! (Edited:) Circa 1989, according to my mother. Lol.

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