Boxing Day 2018

12,234 Days Alive

2 Pages Colored

2 PBJs Eaten

10 mini marshmallows eaten

I just have to let y’all know that while I was trying to find out how many mini marshmallows were in a serving earlier, I stumbled upon this glorious inquiry:

Now, as a person who enjoys their marshmallow as toasted as the lake of fire in the ninth circle of hell, the answer is “sometimes”.

As the wanna-be confectionary artist I wish I was, I remember Alton Brown’s Good Eats Marshmallow Recipe as a whole lot of air and sugar in multiple forms loosely held together by sheet gelatin and the power of a stand mixer. Which then begs the question “Is a raw marshmallow just the edible napalm that is melted sugar?” And if the answer is yes, followed by “Are third degree burns or worse worth being able to say one consumed a ‘raw’ marshmallow?” I hope the answer to that is no.

I had a nice Boxing Day. Watched murder shows, colored, did yoga, started making a list for possible change, and a few other things.

Not a great day mentally or physically, though. Pain from the migraine before Christmas that’s still jingle belling itself around my head. Ugh. Right knee is being a frickin’ useless wobbly goat too. Crocheting didn’t work because every time I tried, one or both cats got in the way!

And I keep having nightmares. I kicked half the blankets off the bed last night. So, that’s impressive, I guess.

I’ve been coloring for the latter part of the day.

It’s the same book as before:

I’m trying my best to do the pages in order for once.

I love the line work. It makes me want to draw again.

Right now though, I need sleep.

One thought on “Boxing Day 2018

  1. You color as magnificently as you draw! I have that book and it makes my eyes cross! I have a shit if one if the pics that you drew and I want to color it!!! Not being able to color, crochet, it for homework is taking me just a tad bonkers.

    I hope your head stops jangling.


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