Fun Friday

12,236 Days Alive

5,345 Kindle Books to Read

103 Years to Read Them All at A Book Per Week

28 Rows Crocheted in The Staggered Filet Triangle Shawl

7 Breadsticks Eaten

6.5 Hours Slept

6 Hugs Given

2 Kinds of FroYo Mixed

1 Weighted Blanket Tossed Over My Brother Like Syrup Over a Pancake

1 Thing Forgotten

I got to see Duckie today! Our visits are few and far between and it was an absolutely amazing day.

At my wife’s encouragement, I slept in today. It helped that I had two purring paperweights atop me to help ease the slip back into sleep.

Duckie and I rassled a bit with the dogs here. They loved having someone give them affection. And Spock, the toe biting people loving cat he is, loves seeing his Uncle Duckie. Only two toes were harmed today in the giving of affection!

And then, it happened! I told Duckie to stretch out and I flopped my weighted blanket over him. Ended up with two hours of conversation and sending him the link for the slightly larger version of the 15 pound weighted blanket I currently own. The one I sent him is just a bit bigger.

I crocheted, with my friendly feline overseer, Mr. Spock, while we talked. A real cabbages and kings rambling conversation.

We discussed therapy, panic attack coping mechanisms, philosophy, and poetry. He’s apparently been wanting to read Emerson for an age, so I passed on my antique collection omnibus of Emerson’s writings. No regret there at ally

I’ve apparently helped feed his audiobook habit with the suggestions I had given him. I’m happy to be that kind of influence for him and others! BookBub, the Library, and Libby are my friends! My current Kindle count is still hilarious. I’m rather proud.

We picked up something he had been looking for and then headed to meet my Darling Wife for dinner.

Olive Garden on a Friday night was not my best idea, I’ll admit. But the food was good, the company was even better. And our server was hilarious.

In random news, I’ve picked my word of the year for 2019: Gratitude.

After dinner, we hit up Yogurtology!

I do love me some no sugar added yellow cake flavored frozen yogurt!

We’re back at home now, waiting for the “home safe” text before we hit the sack. I’m crocheting some more.

Steph and I are going to spend some time with Deej tomorrow. Might hit up the newest adventure beforehand for a status update.

I am exhausted though. Not enough caffeine today by half. Nor did I properly eat anything until dinner today. I need to be better about that.

Take your meds, friends!

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