Of Texting and Trials

13,853 Days Alive

The Crisis Hotline was less than helpful today. They hung up on me when I called. But I’m going to assume technical difficulties.

I’m still here. I’m taking my meds, reaching out to talk to people when I’m struggling.

That’s all I’ve got today.

Take your meds, folks.

Of Mochi and More Pain

13,738 Days Alive

2 Bowls of Japanese Beef Curry Eaten

1 Successful Batch of Sushi Rice Made

So, the Interwebs has introduced a new metric to my pain scale: discomfort. While today is “only” a seven, I’m experiencing a new pain that is making it quite difficult to exist in action.

Which is a bad thing for someone who spends their days on their feet incessantly at work.

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