Review: The Mermaid and Mrs. Handcock

By: Imogen Hermes Gowar

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: An elegant tale told in three acts: a twist of fortune changes the lives of many as one Mr. Jonah Hancock comes into possession of the corpse of an honest-to-god baby mermaid. The novelty attracts the attention of the Madame of a so-called nunnery, where ladies are handsomely compensated for their company and far more physical acts. One of Mrs. Chappell’s former star girls is recently returned to the social scene after the untimely demise of her previous patron. Her name is well known amongst the Ton: Mrs. Angelica Neal. She is fickle and flighty; she struggles to readjust to the return to her life before. All is not lost for Angelica as she is reunited with her old friend, and fellow pupil of Mrs. Chappell, Bel Fortescue. But lust, love, loss, and folly drive Angelica from the path of professional mistress and towards the haunted Mr. Hancock. She demands another mermaid from him in return for her affections. But the realities of obtaining said creature are far from what either expected. With her lifestyle in upheaval and friends betraying her, Angelica falls from hedonistic opulence into spirited but ordinary.

Trigger Warnings:

Bullying, Child Abuse, Death (mentioned), Drug Use (Illicit), Emotional Abuse, Food, Infidelity, Mental Abuse, Miscarriage, Non-Consensual Touching, Off Screen Infidelity, Off Screen Sex, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Prostitution, Racism, Sexism, Slavery, Systemic Racism, Time Period True Racism, Toxic Masculinity, Unsafe Lifestyle, Unsafe Sex

Body Count: 0

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Scattered Sunday

12,252 Days Alive

2 Friends Seen

1 Blended Vanilla Chai Latte with Boba Drank

Just a quick note, as I am tired as all hell.

We were able to meet up with both J and Marina today.

Move is… progressing. So many boxes to unpack.

I just read through the last quarter of Imogen Hermes Gowar’s The Mermaid and Mrs. Handcock. Review will be posted as time allows.

I need sleep. G’night Wonderlandians.