Sleepless by the Yarnside

I’ve been two days straight without sleep now. As in, two solid days awake. The new medication is really screwing with me.

I’m trying to be proactive, so I did give the doctor’s office a call. They said to stop taking it, when they finally called me back after a second message left. So, I suppose that is the end of my attempt at Abilify.

Maybe it’s the mix of the upped Lexapro and the Abilify together?

I’m not sure. I’m mentally stuck in super fast forward, have a bit of a migraine, and have spent the day with a cold pack on the back of my neck as I prayed for the Imatrex to kick in. I even called out of work because standing up made me mad dizzy and I literally can’t get my hands to stop shaking a bit.

I have been trying to catch a nap all day to absolutely no avail. I’m also not hungry. I had a lollipop and a few rye chips today, and water. And that’s it. Chinese food for dinner tonight, at least.

I can’t really focus. So I cleaned up a bit, lit the prayer candle, and snuggled with one of the cats for most of the day.

There’s potential change on the horizon, too. A therapist appointment on the tenth, as well as my follow up with Dr. B, the one who helps me get my “mind mints” in alignment with the chemical misfiring that is my brain.

I’m going to snuggle with Spock for a bit, take some more meds. Tonight is planned to be a chill night in with some clothing to be gone through and Chinese food to enjoy.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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