A Little Post-Luncheon Update

Days alive: 12,169

Lean Pockets consumed: 2

Hours slept: less than 6

Naps needed: all of them!

Days until NaNoWriMo: 9 and counting

Mgs of caffeine imbibed thus far: 632. And I’m still tired.

Gallons of water consumed: ½ gallon

Books left to read: 4,298

img_0923I have had enough caffeine that I should likely be able to skip halfway to the moon. But I’m still exhausted. Which is hilarious as I got five plus hours of sleep last night.

Maybe I have to balance the early wake days with days I can actually go to sleep early the night before? I’m not sure. But I basically feel like I am a perpetually exhausted individual. Which, ya know, could be my abysmally low iron, B and D vitamin levels I’m having to take supplements to try and amend. Or the severe sleep deficit I’ve accumulated over the years. Just in the last year I’ve missed several weeks’ worth of sleep. And some of it quite frequently. It makes me wish I had a free vacation day that I could just take off, on a Friday or Monday or something. Just mental health day it and get some actual rest.




I want to get Steph’s blanket done before her birthday. Especially since she’s been waiting over two years for it now. In my defense, it’s a yarn I’m terrible at working with. It is so heavy and I can usually only work on a row or three before my hands give out or just starts swelling at the knuckles.

My head is killing me. I seriously feel like I’m about to pass out from exhaustion. I can’t safely take any more caffeine. Even though my coworker Oz bought me a wonderful Diet Death-water.img_0925 Aka Diet Mnt Dew. Hopefully, I won’t have to resort to Dew to get through the day.

I should have taken a nap rather than eat something for lunch. Even a twenty minute snooze would have been beneficial for the drag I’m feeling.

I’m nearly done with the outline for Midnight Calls. And when I say nearly…it’s closer to sort of halfway? I still have to find the rhythm of the piece before NaNo starts. Less than two weeks now before 50,000 words hopefully pour from my fingertips through my poor, abused keyboard and help me end this November with a finished story!

Whoops. Gotta to back to work now. No nap for me… sad day.


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