A Little Post-Luncheon Update

Days alive: 12,169

Lean Pockets consumed: 2

Hours slept: less than 6

Naps needed: all of them!

Days until NaNoWriMo: 9 and counting

Mgs of caffeine imbibed thus far: 632. And I’m still tired.

Gallons of water consumed: ½ gallon

Books left to read: 4,298

img_0923I have had enough caffeine that I should likely be able to skip halfway to the moon. But I’m still exhausted. Which is hilarious as I got five plus hours of sleep last night.

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Toasty and Tired

Days alive: still 12,153

Bits slightly sunburnt: 2 breasts and my nose

Joints in pain: every single one

Naps taken in car: 1

Laps done in the lazy river: 5

So, home again, home again, jiggity jig. My entire body is screaming from the amount of activity o forced it through today. Every joint is aching in protest and I’m pretty sure that I managed to toast my tits halfway to lobster despite repeated exposure of SPF 50 and 75.

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