A Nice Evening

12,702 Days Alive

31 Blog Posts Planned for June

6 Jalapeño Poppers Eaten For Dinner

2 Disney Movies Watched

Today was a pretty darn productive day at work. I feel like I didn’t get enough done, but I pretty much always feel like I don’t quite reach the bar.

Right now, I’ve got a fully belly, laundry in the washer and dryer, and Oliver and Company for background noise as I work on the last round of blue for DW’s blanket.

I went shopping today, picked up a few necessities and refills of my meds. I have my insulin again! It’s covered by insurance so it was only $25! So now I don’t even have to ration it.

I’m hoping the rest of this week goes easily. I still have a bit of a shadow headache from Monday.

Anyway, I’m off to crochet and watch the movie.

Take your meds, folks!

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