Friday-Flavored Thursday

12,798 Days Alive

3 Day Weekend

1 Mild Headache

Wooo! I made it through this short week by the skin of my teeth and with overtime at work. I am so grateful for my job and my coworkers.

My direct supervisor, Miss A, has been super supportive even though she’s slammed with work herself. And then we have a new girl, Charlie, who is… time management challenged. But a nice girl and she does try. She just second guesses herself a lot. And poor Bitty, my other coworker. She’s down with bronchitis or something. Not COVID-19, according to her tests, but still something she’s having trouble shaking.

It makes me glad I’m the only one in the office. Especially now that the air conditioning is on the fritz. It gets up in the 80s inside in the afternoon. Hellacious, but bearable. I take a cool shower when I get home and rehydrate.

Big Boss says that it’s unacceptable for it to be down for the next few weeks. If I could get some fans in there, it’ll probably be all right.

Outside of work, I’m going to be headed up to see Bill6 and J this holiday weekend. That’ll be fun. I’ll get to play some new board games with them. Maybe watch Hamilton if they have Disney+ access? I don’t actually know if either of them are fond of musicals.

I’ve still got a headache. It’s bad enough I might take some pain meds for it. Or just go to sleep in self defense.

I need to get a good massage or something. Carrying too much tension in my shoulders or maybe just in general? And my favorite batting cages closed down before the Rona hit.

I’m going to head to bed. I’ve already burned some brain cells appeasing the Duolingo owl.

Take your meds, folks.

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