Felines, Flowers, and Frack-If-I-Know

Days alive: 12,168

Cats forcibly helping me crochet: 3

Skeins worked through: 1.5 and counting

Books added to the wishlist: 3

Blanket rows done: 15

The cats were so very helpful today.

Ariadne, Spock, and most of Peanut.

Stripping the bed.

Remaking the bed once the linens were done (by my ever amazing Darling Wife).

Working on the nearly finished blanket for my Darling Wife’s birthday at the end of the month.

Just so helpful.



Cute little bastards, though, aren’t they?

Today was ridiculously productive. I’ve been up since 7:30 this morning. I managed to not nap all weekend. Which is double impressive with yesterday’s four thirty am wake up and a minor road trip.


In random news, the Purple Heart in the front yard is blooming.

It is quite the lovely plant, even if I have no hand in the garden at all. Not for lack of want, but I could likely set a Chia Pet on Fire. Or end up killing a plastic orchid.

It’s early to rise tomorrow, though, so it’s off to bed for me. I hope to sleep. And if not sleep, to be able to rest. I’ve been stuck in this downhill, uncontrollable mania feeling for over week now.

And we’re coming up on the 25th too quickly: the one month marker from diagnosis. Ah well. Still here and small successes, I suppose.

I’ve had Treasure Planet’s I’m Still Here” stuck in my head for most of the day. I’ll take it as a positive.

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