Knitting, Dusting, and Laundry

Days alive: 12,168

Hours slept: 5.5

Days till NaNoWriMo: 10 and counting!

Books read last week: 2.3

Books still to read: 4,292

Cat deciding to take a nap on my bum: 1 (Ariadne)

Yesterday was fun. Got to go see a place I hadn’t seen since summer school of 2002. And the marching band exhibition had some phenomenal performances. It wasn’t too hot, after the sun went down, but it was definitely warm.

Today is going to be more home-centered and hopefully productive. I have a few areas I want to go through and straighten up. We need to wash the linens and remake the bed, probably give the floors a scrub, and get all the cat hair up off the gorram floor.

At the moment, I’m stretched out on the bed that I just stripped. My back started spasming and it was becoming painful as hell. So, I took one of my muscle relaxers and stretched out. Ariadne perceived any presence on the bed as an invitation to snuggle, so up she hopped onto my back. Our own little chirruping, tiny heating pad.

Our little chirruping kitten, Ariadne. ❤️

I still have some pre-plotting to do, and a timeline to hammer out for Midnight Calls before NaNoWriMo kicks off properly. And I have to figure out what characters can be trimmed down or fleshed out as needed.

I also have a pair of book reviews to write and post here soon. One “chick lit” and another crime fiction; both of which I enjoyed. The latter I devoured in less than a day. I liked the author’s writing style enough to follow his updates for when his next book comes out.

I was reading another series, the first of what I believe is a trilogy: An Ember in the Ashes. But I couldn’t get into it, and found that with the current political climate, I would rather not read about the systemic impoverishment, enslavement, and militarization of children. So I stopped. I wish to read for pleasure, right now. Mayhap I’ll give it another chance later down the road.

Oh! And my brother and his wife finally announced their impending tiny human!!

I’ve got to go hit more chores off my to-do list now, as my back has finally stopped seizing. Another possible entry tonight, if I get to the noon review.

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