Happy Hallows 2018!

Days alive: 12, 178

Costumes worn: 1

Frappucino Enjoyed: 1

Work paperwork done: 16 pages

Goal word count for today: 5,000

Days until NaNoWriMo: 11 hours and counting!

Days until I start my next adventure: 5

People who got my costume: 0

Times I’ve said “Happy Halloween!”: 37 and counting


Happiest of gestation escape anniversary to my dearest friend J! May they have an amazing day/wedding anniversary!

I’m dressed as a certain Hobbit gentleman today, though the lack of proper binder just rather makes me feel like a fat chick trying to look like a dude. But I guess I look cute. I get to wear my orange corduroy trousers at least. And The One Ring. So that’s fun.

In other news, I have the potential to be back in school by fall of next year! I have to go back to my community college and score a copy of my transcripts. Hopefully, I don’t owe them money that I would have to pay back before I can obtain them.

This new adventure should be interesting. I’ll have my own set space to decorate, and more time to focus on my writing and improving myself.

I dislike my little unpaid holiday, but Monday brings new changes and opportunities. So at least there is that to look forward to. It gives me a chance to get some writing done and the like. I also want to work on Daniel’s knitted blanket. I’ve been working on it for ages, but knitted projects grow so SLOWLY. It’s vexing. I’m also still working on the crocheted Pride Wrap, but I only have a few colors done so far. I think I’m on orange.

I really want to watch The Haunting of Hill House. I have requested the ebook from the local library, but it isn’t available yet, for obvious reasons. I have another twenty or so library ebooks to read right now, most of which I plan to review as well. Another book review should be posted shortly. As in within a day or two.


I’m off to get some writing done, chilling at Starbucks and tuning out their terrible music. No Monster Mash or anything playing today.  Oh well. That’s what headphones are for.

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