Crafting for a Reason

12,228 Days Alive

1 Day Till Meeting Baby Bubble

I have a project in progress! And as I don’t think Mal or Bubbles reads my blog, I can tell y’all all about it!

So, I make nightmare snares. Which is a non-cultural appropriation way of making something similar to a dream catcher, but without the blatant disrespect to native cultures and their practices. I will freely admit it is based on what I’ve seen of dream catchers, but with my own twist.

I made one of these for a girlfriend once. And while that particular Sapphic relationship kind of pulled a Challenger level of catastrophic failure, I was still proud of what I made. It was a nightmare snare with a silk floral bouquet around it. Somehow, I didn’t think to take photos at the time, but it was lovely.

I’m doing the same for Baby Bubble!

This is the basis pattern for the snare part… and I’ve mislaid the link for it. I’ll post the link as soon as I find it.

So, my base materials were simple:

A 12″ wire floral frame, some beads that I test strung before using them, a central pendant, some size 10 crochet thread, a size zero steel crochet hook, scissors, a needle to three the beads on, and a whole lot of patience.

Once the central snare was done, I got to break in the new iron’s steam setting and steam block for the first time!

It worked very well, but I absolutely need a better set up and some t pins for next time.

I’ll post picture when finished!

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