Performing Arts, Pizza, and Peach Fuzz

12,371 Days Alive

7,760 Books to Read

3,922 Steps Today

42 Day Streak on Duolingo

Anastasia was today! And I got to see family for Mother’s Day.

So, I accidentally set the reminder for 9pm rather than 9am to get ready and leave for my family’s Mother’s Day get together, so I was a little late. But I did make at least some time for them before I went to meet up with DW to head for the Straz Center.

Anastasia was absolutely lovely! DW and I went, payed twenty damn dollars for parking, only had to walk half a block and quite enjoyed the play.

I wore my red dress again… and did a little something to my hair.

We hit Mellow Mushroom after the show. It was DW’s first time and I think he liked it!

It makes me want to make Mushroom slow cooker chicken.

Tomorrow should have been my day off, since I worked yesterday. But, duty calls. So I will be going over to Reffie’s after work and writing with her.

Wednesday I have off and I cannot get it here fast enough.

I’m for bed, to get some rest.

G’night folks. Take your meds.

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