Christmas Trees and Pasta

12,573 Days Alive

1 Day Till My Flight

Today was a nice, calm day at the house. We decorated the Christmas trees and made some dish I have to as Papa how the hell to spell.

It was like a red sauce, but with jalapeños and hatch peppers in it. It was ridiculously delicious.

It was two cans of diced tomatoes, two cans of tomato paste, a jar of pasta sauce, and a sauté of two onions, green and yellow peppers, and jalapeños. I’m going to try and make it again sometime.

And then we decorated the Christmas trees in the house.

We had some canine assistance.

Now I’m watching Moulin Rouge with Papa.

I fly home to Tampa tomorrow. It was fantastic to visit. I start my new job on Monday and that should be interesting!

For now, I’ll watch the end before I head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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