#WitchyWednesday: Week 6

Happy Wednesday!

I’ll be doing four prompts a week, on Wednesdays, tagged #WitchyWednesday on Twitter. I’m happy to clarify anything and respond to any questions or comments. Feel free to contact me as well! As for the prompts, they’re originally from a Tumblr post by user Baduhennasraven.

Here’s this week’s prompts:

  1. What draws me to witchcraft?
  2. What in witchcraft makes me happy?
  3. What do I gain from witchcraft and magic?
  4. How do I see mythological creatures?

What draws me to witchcraft?

I’m a spiritual person by nature.

I believe in a higher power and magic/witchcraft is a way to harness that energy through prayer, spells, and rituals. I like structure and magic, in its own way, is very structured in that there are things you can and can’t or should and shouldn’t do. But that distinction varies wildly from person to person.

I have to admit, part of the draw of witchcraft is the tools. I like using objects to focus myself or my energy on. My wand is a stick I found on the ground back around 2004. I skinned the bark off with a butterknife and some sand paper. It has been the only wand I’ve ever used. My athame was a gift from my friend DW and it’s a solid, practical knife.

Divination in general also makes me happy. Being able to help others, through counsel or helping them parse out a troubling situation, is something I am proud to say I do.

What in witchcraft makes me happy?

The things in witchcraft that make me happy are the same things that make me happy in the mundane world: breaking bread with friends, helping people, and playing with shiny objects.

Okay, so that last one was a bit of a joke, but not by much. I’m basically a crow with student loan debt: shiny objects and good food are a good way to make me your friend.

I love when the Wheel of the Year turns, when we don’t have COVID-19 social distancing in place, and I’m able to get together with my chosen clan of friends and family members to share a meal. Laughter and games are often in company with these events and sharing positive energy with others through food, stories, and laughter is a wonderful thing.

What do I gain from witchcraft and magic?

This is kind of the same as above. I gain a sense of religious identity, spirituality, and a portion of control over my life through how I react in ways both magical and mundane.

How do I see mythological creatures?

I believe in the existence of things that are not of this plane of being. I believe in the Fair Folk and all their ilk.

I think dragons may have existed as a part of mythology and the real world, though their tales may have best been spread by dinosaur bones.

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, they all exist in one form or another.

And vampires, while not necessarily the blood drinkers of Abraham Stoker‘s tales, are definitely something I have had to contend with on an emotional level.

I’ve a tattoo of a phoenix on my left shoulder, actually, as I believe in the metaphysical, mental, and emotional capability of humanity to rise from the ashes of disaster and grow.

Angels, in many ways, exist and I feel sorry for the one saddled with watching over me. I’m notoriously self-destructive at times.

I think those that use mythological creatures to help direct their spell work or energy workings are no less valid than those who pray to the saints or other deities to manifest their desires.

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