Prompt Answer: Cold Weather

How do you feel about cold weather?

Cold weather is my ideal weather. Despite my decade plus spent in the south going to college and after, winter is my favorite season.

Cold weather is wonderful. Layers of warm clothes, holidays that gather family members together, and just the glory that is snowfall. I love it.

There is just something about the silence of snow that is wonderful to me. Mind you, I despise driving in it, because I never learned to drive in snow and my car, before it got wrecked, had just gotten snow tires.

I can appreciate other seasons, but cold weather times are my favorite.

Of Cocoa and Cold Fronts

35,278 Words Out of 50,000 Accomplished

12,939 Days Alive

460 Day Streak on Duolingo

1 Cup of Hot Cocoa

Well, I didn’t make it to fifty thousand words this month. Just under 15,000 words short. I tried and I’m going to keep writing, and I believe that it what truly matters. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing daily and I really want to keep that momentum going.

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