Fried Friday

12,390 Days Alive

8,031 Ebooks to Read

1 More Added to the List of Do Want

Apparently, the new show coming out Nos4a2 was a book first. I want to Read it.

But right now, what I want most is sleep.

I’m just exhausted. And our kitchen sink still has a hole in the wall.

But, Giggles came over around four today and I helped her with her paper she had due on human cloning. I think it went well.

But I’m in bloody agony. Have been the last two days. Ibuprofen is barely touching it. I want a cuddle and a tramadol at this point.

Why is my body like this?

Was it the homelessness? The internalized abuse? My mom’s genes? My dad’s?

There’s so much going on right now, I can’t afford to be this tired.

I have to keep going.

I have to.

Maybe I’ll treat Steph and I to a nice cup of tea before game day tomorrow.

I’m going to go do my daily Duolingo and pass out.

Good night, folks. Take your meds.

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