Review: The Atlantis Gene, A Thriller

By A.G. Riddle

Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Read as part of the Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge.


Blurb: I literally can’t sum up this bananas book without using the phrase “bizarrely entertaining” and “action packed but mildly confusing”. I think it was about a doctor lady and her new secret agent dude friend trying to rescue some kidnapped literally autistic human test subject kids from a global terrorist organization made of Atlantis-descended people and their followers. And there are Nazi, but like, actual World War II Nazis; not the modern day neo-Nazi assholes. Just somewhat regular, trapped in a time dilation field and/or stasis pod Nazis.

Trigger Warnings:

Ableism, Anti Semitism, Badly Written Women, Bastardization of Culture, Bastardization of Mythology, Blood, Bullying, Child Abuse, Child Abandonment, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Drug Use (Prescription), Food, Gore, Gun Violence, Mental Abuse, Mental Illness, Miscarriage, Murder, Off Screen Sex, Physical Abuse, Plot Holes the Size of a Canadian Province, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Racism, Sexism, Toxic Masculinity, Violence, Violent Imagery, War

Body Count: Oodles. Literally a lot.

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