Packing and Pictures

12,442 Days Alive

8,130 Books to Read

3rd Day Of My Adventure

Currently Reading: Bohemian RhapsoDIE

I need sleep.

I’m absolutely exhausted and only have a very small ration of caffeine pills to get me through my workdays.

It looks like I’ll be here through the first week of August at the very least. I’m hoping that I get more rest tonight.

I’m trying to read this book Bohemian RhapsoDIE and it just isn’t catching me. It should’ve right up my alley, a fluffy, witchy mystery novel. But I’m just… not engaging.

Maybe I should try reading something else. I quite like a bunch of the Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge Books. Maybe I’ll try reading one of them.

I’m going to go help Nan some more before bed. She’s going through all the old family photos of my Darling Wife and I. Seeing her baby photos is hilarious and amazing. It also makes me miss family photos I know once existed and don’t anymore. I have so few and it makes me sad.

I don’t have time to be sad. I’ll appreciate the ones I stole and have maintained over the years and the digital ones family members have sent me.

I’ve got shit to do.

Take your meds, folks.

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