Super Active Sunday

12,497 Days Alive

8,159 Ebooks to Read

20 Squares Joined

15 Squares to Go

Today was an Adventure Day with Linna! What could have been a day spent being a lump in bed ended up with me walking over 4,000 steps!

Linna and I had breakfast at Ikea. And the. We spent hours making a slow tour of the whole place. I introduced them to my favorite Ikea games.

The first is simple: Find the Orange. Almost every room in Ikea has an orange accent or random orange accessory piece hidden in it. I like to look for it everywhere.

The second is Tell the Story of Who Lives Here. It’s where you make up stories about the people who live in each room, their quirks and names and jobs, all based on the decor of the room. Linna was super good at it!

She found a few things she needed while we were there. Though a lesson was learned to always grab a cart!

After that, it was already after two so we hit up a famous dive for some refuel: Waffle House. I did not indulge in the namesake dish, for once. I’m trying to be good and waffles do not help a body lose weight.

We headed for the mall after that, since it looked like rain, and ended up detouring to the Spirit Halloween that’s set up in the corpse of the old Toys R Us that was just outside the mall proper.

After a long traipse about the still-existing Books A Million, we checked out Torrid, Sephora, and Lush. Each were their own delightful temptations. I found a new cologne I might wear. It’s by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s called La Nuit De L’Homme and I have a mighty need.

Unfortunately, after all that, I turned into a pumpkin and needed to go home. Just in time, of course, for a torrential downpour. Such is life.

In other news, I’m 4/7ths the way done with the commission blanket now that I can pick up a crochet hook again! Only fifteen squares till it’s ready for a border and blocking.

The boys keep trying to help make this particular blanket…

I’m getting tired now and should probably be heading to bed. Work tomorrow and all that.

Take your meds, folks.

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